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Post Object Taxonomy Filter Issue

  • Let me begin by singing my praises for ACF: it is arguably the most elegant WordPress plugin I’ve come across; I couldn’t do without it.

    I’ve come across an issue, and it’s entirely possible that I’m missing something, but here it is:

    I’ve created a custom field group that contains a field (site_commonly_seen_species) of type “Post Object.” I’ve set the “Filter by Post Type” to “page” and “Filter by Taxonomy” to category=”Species”. Yes, I’ve tweaked the theme to allow page categories. Anyway, everything works swimmingly if the page that has the “Species” category has no parent. If it does have a parent, I get (no title)() in the dropdown when I try to enter a value for that field.

    I’ll dig into the core ACF php code if nobody comments, but I suspect others have run into this issue…

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