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Post Object Sort Order – is it reliable?

  • Hi! After an update to ACF5 my post object field changed the interface. The field is used as post’s authors’ names field to list the authors by a SQL query. Now it turned from a list in which one should select the names with a click on the editor page to a something like “a keywords tags field with a dropdown list”. So, now the fields remembers the order of these tags – if I add a new author, the name goes to the end of the list. While previously it was simply sorted in A-Z order.

    The question: can I rely on this order? Or it is simply a random order, and if I’ll example for optimize the WP database later, it will be sorted in A-Z order?

    The reason of the question: it might be handy to sort the authors in the order of their participation in the writing as opposed to A-Z, but it may be a futile work, if the sorting will be lost automatically after a time.

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