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Post-Object Search Filter (problem)

  • Hi!

    First thanks for reading this, this is my first time writting here, I LOVE this community.
    I normally find a solution for my errors in this place by looking at others people problems.

    But heres is he thing:

    I recently added a post object field that is connected to another custom post type, by deafult the select field will show you the title of the posts, I changed this by using function from post-object/result, and it worked.

    My problem is that now that I use the search filter to find data, is still looking data from the title section and not the custom field I used for the result search.

    Did I explain my self?

    look at the images in the first image you can see the results and the second image you see a not found data.

    Can someone help me solve this problem?

    Thank you!

  • The search will only search by the title and the post content and cannot be made to search the custom text that you’re changing it to.

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