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Possible to link field values between posts?

  • Hello,

    I have a WYSIWYG field on all of my pages. My use case is that the field acts as a sidebar that is easy to edit together with the page instead of having to set up widgets and templates. However, sometimes one might want exactly the same information in the WYSIWYG fields for multiple pages. And then that information might change at a later point, meaning you would have to edit each page separately.

    So, what I am looking for is to somehow when creating or editing a page either enter text in the WYSIWYG field as normal or using a dropdown or something choose the value from another page. Even better would be if editing the value after selecting it on this new page would make the changes also be visible on the page where this value was originally set.

    Is this possible to do with ACF, is this smart to do with ACF or should I be looking at some other solution?


  • I do this, but what I generally do is create either an options page, to hold default content, where this is what is displayed on all pages if nothing is entered for the individual page. Or I create a custom post type that has the content and the client can select one of a number of items to show. Best choice is to combine them.

    Choose: Show default, Select, Enter Custom

    Then show a field (or not) based on the choice.

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