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Possibility to have no location rules set for a field group

  • First of all, thank you guys for the great work you have been doing with ACF lately. It’s awesome.

    But I was still wondering about something. When creating a field group, there is always at least one location rule required. But for some use cases, it’s desirable not to have any location rules at all. This is often the case when creating a set of fields for re-use through the clone field. You want to be able to use them, but you don’t want them to appear anywhere on the site.

    At the moment, I know no other way to accomplish this than to set te location rule for the corresponding field group to some widget I do not use, so it will not appear anywhere. But that is not ideal.

    Wouldn’t it be better to have the option to remove all location rules from a field group, so it can be re-used easily, but will never appear anywhere else on a site?

    Re-using fields or field groups through the clone field is a common use case, it also appears in the recent Rareloop blog post. Similar workflows are common in other CMS systems like Craft or ProcessWire.

    It’s not that the current situation is bad, but for me, the possibility to remove all location rules would just be the icing on an already tasty cake 😉

  • For this you ignore the location rules and set the field group as inactive. Fields groups that are inactive can still be used in clone fields and on front end forms.

  • @hube2 thanks for helping out!

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