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populate divi gallery module with ACF

  • @wassy83 When I Include Gallery Code to my Child theme function.php and done with changes as you said it gives me error
    “function(t){return r.a.createElement(f.a,k({rawContentProcesser:h.default.replaceCodeContentEntities},e.props))}”
    but when I save the and referesh my page by exiting visual builder it start showing me gallery but not in visual builder editor mode. . . . ? Any help

  • You gents tried this?

    Also – why are there so many of the same reply in this thread?

  • Why so many of the same reply… this happens when someone’s reply is incorrectly marked as spam, their comment is not shown and they keep trying to post the same comment and it is marked as spam every time. Then when the user’s comments are marked as not spam they all appear. Moral, if your comment does not appear after posting it do not keep trying to post it. Someone is checking spam and will eventually catch the error and correct it.

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