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Populate a Select field with values from another field

  • Hi there.

    Maybe the best way to describe this is with an example.

    So for example, let’s say that we have a Q and A page with 2 people answering questions. So both people answer each question.

    I’d like the ability to be able to define the participants first with a repeater field. That repeater would store the name and photo of each speaker. And then for each question/answer, I’d be able to choose a speaker from a Select list that just displays their name.

    So the setup would be…

    “Speakers” Repeater Field with “Name” and “Photo” subfields.
    “Question” Repeater Field with “question” subfield and an “answer” repeater subfield. The “answer” repeater would contain a select field populated by the “Speakers” repeater (names only). That prepopulated select field is the feature I’d like to request.

    So I suppose in the ACF setup area, I’d add that Select field, then choose the “Speakers” repeater. And then choose the “Name” field to get the values from.

    Any chance for this kind of feature?

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