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Polylang – Relationship field issue

  • Hi Everyone,

    I’m having issue with a relationship field on my multilingual website.
    It link together 2 different type of post, products and options.
    In the options I have a repeater field where I selected different products (from the relationship field) and assign them prices. Giving me an array similar to this:
    selectedMachine, priceCAD, priceUSD

    All is working fine in English (default), but when I switch to French, it’s like the relationship field is not returning anything in selectedMachine, even though I can get the price values, and that I can see the selections in the dashboard.

    Not sure what is going on when I switch languages

    ACF Version 4.4.12
    Polylang Version 2.6.2
    Wordpress Version 4.9.16

    Thank you

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