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Personal Licence and MultiSite

  • Hi ACF Team,

    first and foremost congrats for this amazing plugin. I’ve been playing with it with the free version and I would like to buy the PRO version but I would like to understand I doubt that I have on the personali licence.

    I would like to understand if I can use a personal licence with a multisite installation that do not use the subdirectory option but it will use the folder one.

    Now that you know how I’ll be using your plugin, will I be able to work with a personal licence (since I’ll be using the plugin on a single multisite WordPress installation) or shall I buy the developer one?

    Thanks in advance for your answers and keep up the amazing work!

  • Hi @Andrea Barghigiani

    Cheers for the post.

    In short, yes. The personal license allows for updates on 1 website, however it does not limit the number of installations.

    So you can install ACF PRO on multiple sites, but only 1 of them will be able to act as the ‘registered’ site which will see updates.

    Hope that helps.


  • Hey Team – I was hoping to get a more current response to the personal license on a WP multisite install question. I found one other forum support entry about this and the answer seemed to suggest that ACF wasn’t designed for multisite. This made me curious about the feasibility of my use case scenario. That other forum entry is here:

    I’m using a multisite with the subfolder setup, as in:,, etc.

    I’m wanting to install and network activate a personal license supported ACF Pro within the network admin. My goal is to make and use independent options pages within the individual subsites. Will a single license personal ACF Pro be a workable solution in this scenario? Or does this require individually licensed Pro plugins for each subsite?

    Please advise, thanks! -Paul

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