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  • Using ACF Pro is there a way to set the URL for a CPT to have the name as part of a longer string? For example, say you were running a painting business having /painting-services-in-[location], giving you /painting-services-in-london /painting-services-in-bristol etc.

    Ideally, I’d also like to be able to create multiple different prefixes (e.g. painting-services-in-[location] and also building-services-in-[location]) for the same CPT.

  • My apologies all, I’ve just realised I submitted without giving a decent subject and, if there is an option to, I’ve missed the chance to correct that.

  • Questions about permalinks for CPTs are not associated with ACF specifically. This is a general WP question and what is involved in coding this is beyond the help I can provide here.

    What I can say is that all of this likely possible by altering the permalink structure for your CPT using a combination of add_rewrite_rule(), query_vars, add_rewrite_tag() and add_permastruct(). It can be a complex project. You will need to look for information on using these functions.

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