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PDF url is when saving '' and when updating it is filled in

  • I want to add a pdf to a post. So I created a new file field. But when you want to publish my custom posttype. The url is alway ” when you press again on the update button the url is filled in? How is this possible? Am I using th right hooks? or right fields?

    This is my code for saving the url of the pdf in the content.

    function save_mytype( $content ) {
    global $post;
    if( isset($post) && get_post_type( $post->ID ) == ‘mytype’ ){
    $file = get_field(‘pdf’);
    $url = $file[‘url’];
    if($url != ”){
    $content[‘post_content’] = “[flipbook pdf=\””.$url.”\” theme=\”light\”]”;
    $content[‘post_content’] = “Something is wrong”;
    return $content;
    add_filter( ‘wp_insert_post_data’, ‘save_mytype’);

  • You are trying to get the value of the field before ACF has saved that value. You need to run a function after ACF is done saving so that there is a value to get. You do this by using acf/save_post

    function save_mytype($post_id) {
      if (get_post_type($post_id) == 'mytype' ){
        $file = get_field('pdf', $post_id);
        $url = $file['url'];
        $post = array(
          'ID' => $post_id
        if ($url != '') {
          $post['post_content'] = '[flipbook pdf"'.$url.'" theme="light"]';
          $post['post_content'] = 'Something is wrong';
        // remove filter to avoid infinite loop
        remove_filter('acf/save_post', 'save_mytype');
        add_action('acf/save_post', 'save_mytype');
    add_action('acf/save_post', 'save_mytype');
  • Thank you so much!! You saved me from a minor headache!

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