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Pass data from the main site to multisite

  • Hi there,

    I have a question regarding the ACF and multisite.

    Is it possible to pass a value from the main site across all the multisite? For example, if I have a field that is displayed on the main site and all the multisite, but I only what to update the data on the main site and it will update to all the sites (including main and multisite), is this possible?

    Thank you,


  • I don’t believe that’s possible out-of-the-box because a multisite is a network of multiple wordpress instances with different database tables. Using ACF JSON helps synching the field groups rather easily.

  • I guess it would depend on where the data is stored.

    This blog post works on user meta, maybe it could be adjusted?

  • The main issue with getting a field value from the main site is that the field in question must be defined on every site in order to use the value from the main site, there are several ways that this can be accomplished.

    If the field exists on both the site being shown and on the main site then you simply need to use switch_to_blog() before getting the value.

    If the fields are not defined on both sites then you need to use switch_to_blog() and then use get_post_meta() or get_option() or some other function in WP to get the values of the fields.

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