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Page Link field not finding WooCommerce Product Category

  • I’m trying to allow the user to link to either WordPress pages or WooCommerce Product Category pages.

    I’ve added a Page Link field filtering by All post types and All taxonomies. Although Category (product_cat) appears under the Filter by Taxonomy dropdown the product categories do not appear in the field’s dropdown on the assigned page.

    I have verified that there are multiple product categories with multiple products in each. I also disabled all plugins except for ACF and WooCommerce and switched themes to twenty twenty and the problem is not resolved.

    When selecting the Page Link field on the page, I see the all following taxonomies, except – Product Category:
    – Archives
    – Post
    – Page
    – Media
    – Product
    – Variations

    Am I mistaken in the belief that the Page Link allows you to link to a WooCommerce Product Category?

    —- Versions —-
    ACF Pro v5.8.11
    WP v5.4.1

  • Yes, you are correct, the Page Link field does not include linking to terms, only to pages. The filters are to filter what users can select from, for example, (made up) only “Posts” in the “News” category. The only exception to this are the main archive pages for each post type, for example “/shop/” for WC.

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