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Order by acf date field.

  • Hello! I was trying to order my posts based on ACF date field. The field has a “Ymd” date format (YYYYMMDD) and the orderby is set to meta_value_num. The weird thing is that if order it DESC, the order is correct, but if I order it ASC, the order gets wrong. Would someone have an idea why does this happen? Am I doing something wrong?

    I am attaching my ACF settings + the correct and the wrong order display.

  • I’d have to see your query. There must be something in it that’s incorrect or overriding the date field.

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  • I don’t see anything in your query that should be causing the order to be incorrect. Do you have any plugins and/or filters that could be interfering? A pre_get_posts filter maybe?

  • Thanks. It was the plugin “Post types order” that was messing with it 🙂

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