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Options Page field groups only working via PHP

  • Looking for a nod in the right direction here. I have an Options page registered through ACF. I have a field group assigned to that options page. When I edit values on the options page, they save just fine.

    However, I cannot access them via the normal get_field(‘name’, ‘options’); function.

    What I discovered was by exporting the field group to PHP and placing it in my functions.php file, I am able to access those fields. No other changes made. Removing PHP, leaving fieldgroup, fields no longer working on front end.

    No errors generated during any test.

    I dont mind keeping it in PHP, but this isn’t an issue I’ve ever had. Any ideas?

  • For reference, all other field groups on all other pages work without exporting to PHP. This only happens on any options page I test.

  • As a final followup, it does indeed wok fine using get_option();

    This made me think ACF wasn’t initialized yet, but this quick test works fine in the same place of code:
    if(function_exists(get_field)) echo ‘acf init’;

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