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OpenStreetMap support

  • I have the same issue as iamrobertandrews… Anyone know what’s going on. Tried posting an issue on Github.

  • This isn’t an issue that can be discussed here because it’s a third-party plugin. You should raise the question on the plugin’s support page.

    That said, the field is still working alright for me, so the error must be somewhere else. Perhaps some corrupted files after an upgrade? Try re-uploading/reinstalling and see what happens. Also, look whether the error console says anything.

    Oh, and I also support the feature request for a native OSM field. 🙂

  • It’d be great if there was a single field that gave a pull-down menu choice between Google Maps and OSM. We shouldn’t multiply fields unnecessarily, to paraphrase Ockham.

  • I also would really love to see OSM to be included in the AFC core. Sad that this hasn’t been done until 2021…
    Any news when we finally get OSM aim the core of AFC?

  • IS there any detail documentation how to use OSM like they does in the google map

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