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Only loop when certain custom conditions are met and/or loop only once.

  • I have a register form which is build with flexible content.

    The first while loop, loops through flexible content elements.
    The second loop (which is inside the first loop) is looping through a repeater field, and within the while loop there is another repeater field with it’s own loop (the third loop).
    (The second loop will loop 3 times on my website because of the content I added in ACF fields in WordPress).

    The third loop produces a list of hyperlinks. The third loop will loop 4 times to get all the links.

    Now here comes the tricky part:
    – I want to have a condition surrounding the third loop, to produce links only once. (at the moment without the condition, it will loop 3 times which results in creating 12 links instead of 4). (Maybe a dynamic counter of some sort is part of the answer?).
    – Then when the ‘second loop’ runs for a second time, the third loop skips the first results of the loop (the first 4 links) and fetches the results row after that, and than stops/breaks the (third) loop, producing another 4 fresh links.
    – When the second loop runs a for a third time, it should again fetch the results row thereafter from the previous loop (just like above). etc.

    Yes, I know it’s confusing, but I really need this.

    My code at the moment:

    if (have_rows('register_form')) :
        while (have_rows('register_form')) : the_row();
    		if( have_rows('paginas_stappen') ): ?>
    		        <ul class="tab-link-list">
    		            while ( have_rows('paginas_stappen') ) : the_row();
    		                $order_number = 1;
    		                while (have_rows('hyperlinks_in_kop_pagina')) : the_row(); ?>
    		                        <div class="order-number <?php echo get_sub_field('uitgelichte_link') == 'yes' ? 'highlighted' : ''; ?>">
    		                            <?php echo $order_number; ?>
    		                        <a onclick="goToTab(<?php echo get_sub_field('link_gaat_naar_pagina') - 1; ?>)">
    		                            <?php the_sub_field('link_tekst'); ?>
    		            endwhile; ?>
    		<?php endif;
    <?php endwhile; endif; ?>

    I’ve been struggling with this for a long of time now.
    Is something like this possible with ACF or is there another way to achieve this?

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