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Only display fields for certain tags

  • I assume this is easy but I cant get it to work. I can use the Post Category location rule to only show custom fields for posts in a certain category, now I want to do the same but for posts that have a certain tag.

    Selecting Post Taxonomy seems like it should do this but it just displays the exact same dropdown values as the Post Category rule even though my posts have tags… why does it not also display a list of tags as these are also taxonomies???

    Having both Post Category and Post Taxonomy show the exact same values out of the box seems redundant…I assume they should show different lists… How can I get the Post Taxonomies dropdown to display the list of tags to select from so my location rule works for tags?

  • Just in case anyone else has the same issue, I solved it by upgrading to version 5. The taxonomy works as expected in this version.

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