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  • Hello,

    i want to create an online Event
    In one Board there put all Information about each Speaker
    ->1 Time
    ->2 Image
    ->3 Tag Line
    ->4 Text
    ->5 Label (Requested/Approved)

    So these Information are streamed to the
    Event Startpage there are a gallery automatically put from all speakers
    With Image / Tagline / And a hover effect with the text and the label
    ->I want to have the control of the order witch item is on which place

    And then the most Important Thing
    Each Spekaer has 4 Seperates Site, lets say the speaker is life vor 24 hours
    On 6.6 17:00 until 7.6 17:00

    1 Site is the Promo Page with an Optin Field
    2 Site is before the event with an video/or iamge thats says the interview starts soon with a timer until the interview starts
    3 Site during the event from 6.6.19 17:00 until 7.6.19 17:00
    4 after the event site, with an video the watch time is over

    I want to automate the 4 sites automaticly with an template thats streams all information to the place

    And i want to automate the process that all expert information are put to the start page and have control over the order

    Doe have somebody an idea how i can do it with advanced custom fields ?

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