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Not all fields are displaying on page

  • I have 38 custom fields setup but only 32 are being displayed on the front end.

    8 images and 3 fields per review, I’m missing 2 reviews? Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Your going to have to give more information. Type of fields, code used on the fields that are not showing, etc.

  • Hi John, thanks for your reply, more details as follows:

    Both screengrabs can be viewed here

    – Where the 38 custom fields have been created

    – The page that contains all the fields

    The live page can be viewed here
    – The live page that’s missing the last 2 reviews


  • You screen shots aren’t really much help in figuring anything out and looking at the front end of the site won’t be of much use.

    Let’s start with one field that is not showing.

    What is the field type?

    What code are you using to show this field?

  • I’m not hard coding, I’m using the ACF plugin to generate fields from within WP dashboard interface. These fields then appear in the page I’m editing still within WP interface. Both of these are updated to publish live on the site and doesn’t display reviews 9 and 10. 😟

  • There has to be something that is taking the information in the fields and showing it on the front end of the site. This is were the problem will be. If you’re not doing with code then you are using some other plugin to do this because ACF fields cannot be shown on the front of the site without some code somewhere.

  • I’m using this method to create and publish fields from plugin to the front end.

  • That creates field groups in the admin, that does not make content on those fields appear on the front end of the site.

    Only code in the theme or shortcodes in the content area can make the content entered into these fields appear on the front of the site. There may also be some plugins that might do it.

    You can’t just add new fields to the ACF field groups and expect them to appear on the front of the site.

  • You’re right! The code was missing from the theme ‘content-page.php’ file. I picked up this build from someone else and not to familiar with ACF process.

    Everything was in place I was just missing the additional code. Took me a while to find it. Thanks for the steer in the right direction.

    Mission Accomplished

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