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(no title)() when filtering by custom taxonomy

  • I’m trying to add a relationship field in front page. Pages have an associated custom taxonomy “page type” and I want to create relationships between home page and a concrete type of page.

    When I define this relationship field I select “page” in “Filter by Post Type” and a concrete taxonomy in “Filter by Taxonomy”, but when I go to home page panel, relationship list just shows an item “(no title)()”. If I remove “Filter by Taxonomy” value in field definition list show all pages correctly.

  • I did some testing with this and I can’t explain your issue.

    Do you actually have any pages on the site that do not have a title, or where WP is showing (no title)() as the title of the post?

    My only suggestion is to track down where this is coming from and either delete the page or correct the title and see what happens.

  • There is no post without title and I just see the “(no title)()” when I try to filter relationship by custom taxonomy.

    I’ve tracked it. api-helpers.php #1475 is the problem. $all_posts contains a correct array of pages before this get_page_children call. After this call, $all_posts contains an empty array.

    If I comment #1475 in api-helpers.php everything works as expected

  • I will bring this to the attention of the developer as a possible bug.

    In the meantime, can you disable any other plugins and switch to the default theme to see if that changes anything. There may be a filter somewhere that is being called by a hook in WP function.

  • Hi @iuttu

    Thanks for the info.

    This is very strange. Can you please debug all the parameters given to the get_page_children function?

    Also, what version are you using?

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