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No Display on Front End vol 2.

  • Hi everybody. I’m trying to get custom block to appear on front page, but cant get any fields. HTML is rendering ok, file paths are ok, back-end rendering with custom style is ok, but getting custom block fields are empty: var_dump( get_field(‘heading’)); returns NULL and so on. Im running on localhost. Weird thing is that my co-worker has no issues with front-end rendering, but he is running on real server.

    WP 5.1.1. , ACF 5.8.0 -4.1

    Any ideas? Thanks!

  • Update: for some reason it works in any other page on the website but not on the front-page. Weird?

  • Ok i found the cause of the problem and it has nothing to do with Gutenberg or ACF so mods can delete this thread. Basically wp_reset_postdata() was missing.

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