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Nested ACF in Post-Objects

  • hi folks,

    i searched the forum and couldn’t find anything that helps.
    I’m using a headless wordpress with Rest-api and want to create a code-snippet part.

    This is the setup so far:
    – Custom Post type called ‘Snippets’
    – Flexible Content field with Post-Object inside
    Snippets has dummy variables

    Here’s a screenshot of the snippets post:

    If i create a post and add — for example — a Logo, the standard post_content (editor content) is added to the output. But i can’t find any traces of the dummy-variables i added to the snippets.

    Is there a way to add variables to the post_content object?

    thanks and kind regards,

  • Hi @chrisjahn

    I believe it depends on the Rest API you are using. Some of ACF users use ACF to REST API to get the custom fields value, but I’m not sure if it will satisfy your need. Could you please try it first?

    For further information, kindly ask the author about how to get the custom fields value.

    I hope this makes sense 🙂

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