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Need to short or write better my code.

  • I am not good with PHP coding.

    I have a Flexible Content field, which is located under Options.

    There are lots of rows in this Flexible Content. I do not want to show all rows of this Flexible Content together. Want to show one or two rows based on the post type or category or post ID.

    I have separated the rows of Flexible Content like below:

    $content_rows = get_field(‘flexible_content’, ‘options’);

    $content_specific_row_0 = $content_rows[0];
    $content_sub_field_value_0 = $content_specific_row_0[‘content’];

    $content_specific_row_1 = $content_rows[1];
    $content_sub_field_value_1 = $content_specific_row_1[‘content’];

    $content_specific_row_2 = $content_rows[2];
    $content_sub_field_value_2 = $content_specific_row_2[‘content’];

    $content_specific_row_3 = $content_rows[3];
    $content_sub_field_value_3 = $content_specific_row_3[‘content’];

    $content_specific_row_4 = $content_rows[4];
    $content_sub_field_value_4 = $content_specific_row_4[‘content’];

    $content_specific_row_5 = $content_rows[5];
    $content_sub_field_value_5 = $content_specific_row_5[‘content’];

    $content_specific_row_6 = $content_rows[6];
    $content_sub_field_value_6 = $content_specific_row_6[‘content’];

    $content_specific_row_7 = $content_rows[7];
    $content_sub_field_value_7 = $content_specific_row_7[‘content’];

    $content_specific_row_8 = $content_rows[8];
    $content_sub_field_value_8 = $content_specific_row_8[‘content’];

    $content_specific_row_9 = $content_rows[9];
    $content_sub_field_value_9 = $content_specific_row_9[‘content’];

    But the problem is that, if I have 100 rows then I need to repeat that code 100 times. Is there any way to short this code? or is there any better way to write that code?

  • There is likely a better way to do what you are trying to do, but I don’t understand the bigger picture so all I can do it to help you optimize the code that you’ve supplied. For this purpose I would use variable variables.

    This code has not been tested

    $content_rows = get_field(‘flexible_content’, ‘options’);
    for ($i=0; $i<count($content_rows); $i++) {
      $row_var = "content_specific_row_{$i};
      ${$row_var} = $content_rows[$i];
      $content_var = "content_sub_field_value_{$i}";
      ${$content_var} = ${$row_var}['content'];
  • Thank you, John Huebner.

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