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Need help. My Shortcode is not rendering correctly.

  • Sorry im pretty new to CSS HTML AND JS

    I’ve got a form plugin called “easy pricing tables” and its used to make pricing tables that can be inserted with a short code. The shortcode works fine on a new page or post. However I need to use it on a custom template I made (i copied the standard page template for my theme into a new tamplate file and modified it there). My custom template has 6 ACF fields, all text areas with “html tags” enabled.

    When I put the shortcode directly in the field area in the page editor, it just returns the string value. If I put the short code in the normal text editor, it works but without any styling, the styling is all wrong, its just text and its all messed up. When I use php echo do_shortcode directly in the template file and add my shortcode, there it again gives me a messed up result.

    Basically it doesnt work right on that page at all. Not even in the normal text editor, but in a new page it does. I also have some JS errors when I put the shortcode in the page. When I remove it, its fine.

    I feel like it might have something to do with it not loading all the requisite resources for the plugin?

    Any help greatly appreciated. Ive tried all sorts of things and nothing works.

  • ps my website is you can scroll to the bottom and you’ll see the shortcode not working.
    and here it works

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