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Need advice to manage week days

  • Hi guys,

    i’m actually using ACF and i need advice on my working method.

    i do have a cf that name is “opendays”, with checkbox value. (values are monday, tuesday, wednesday, etc…)

    BUT i need to display shops open per day (shop open on monday, shop open on tuesday, etc…)

    i already tried to filter by meta_key but as i understand i can not query checkbox value.

    So my question is : how can i manage this ? How can i configure this ? As a shop can be open different days ?

    thanks in advance for your precious advices

  • For me this falls into the same category as ACF repeater sub fields. They make it hard to do queries. See my explanation of how I handle repeater sub fields here. Checkbox, multi-select, repeater sub fields, anything that stores a serialized array can be handled in a similar fashion.

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