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Nav menu item fields don't save values with 85+ menu items

  • Hi,

    So this is a pretty weird bug but I’ve replicated it in a clean WP installation with ACF 5.6.9 so I’m pretty sure it’s ACF or WP related instead of being related to my installation environment.

    Once a nav menu has 85+ items in it, the ACF fields attached to the nav menu item won’t save.

    To reproduce:

    1. Create a new nav menu
    2. Add 86 items to it (all items being pages is fine, even all of the same page is ok)
    3. Add an ACF image upload field to nav menu item
    4. Select an image for the last menu item
    5. Save Menu
    6. The menu saves “successfully” but the image you picked was not saved to the field

    There are no errors, and I couldn’t find any useful info from print_r()’ing things in the ACF filters.

    I thought it was originally something to do with my server (maybe max memory reached) but even after tweaking that, this persists. I would also expect some sort of error if it was that (and yes, WP_DEBUG is true).

    Thanks for any help

    PS. I said 86 but I counted by hand so maybe just go with 90 or 95 to be sure.

  • Bump… hope that’s allowed here

  • You’re problem is probably related to your php_max_input_vars setting.

    Try installing this plugin, it’s old but it will tell you if this is the problem

  • Works like a charm, much thanks.

    (Didn’t use the plugin, just changed the setting on my server)

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