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Multiple layouts in flex content field being 'flattened' into a single layout

  • Hi,

    I’ve created a ticket, but thought this might be useful to others as well since this problem cropped up on a previous project too.

    First, thank you. I love your product, but I’m having problems from the outside while trying to get a project going with the Flexible Content fields, which I’ve used on projects before. The module had quirks then, and I’m finding they’re cropping up again without really knowing the cause.

    In essence, I’m defining 7 or 8 flexible layouts, each with anywhere from 1 – 8 fields. This includes a clone or two and a repeater, but I’m not doing any crazy nesting. This will work great for a while, and I have HTML templates for each of the blocks and can access the data fine.

    But then, sometimes it’s as though the flex layout flattens, or collapses… all of the subfields from the separate flex layouts end up in a single layout, which in effect means that I have to re-do all the work creating /arranging the fields. All layouts but one end up empty, with no subfields.

    This obviously gives concerns about data integrity.

    A few things:
    – This has been quite an active period of setting up / editing / removing / rearranging fields
    – I do have WP Max Submit Protect installed, and the limit has been bumped up to 5000. I’ve received no warnings
    – I have acf-json set up and exporting fieldsets
    – I’ve been exporting data from dev to staging using the Delicious Brains migration tool (note that this issue has definitely been happening in dev environment, and so isn’t a result of a botched import)

    I’ve taken some screenshots to help clarify


    Very bad, with fields flattened:

  • Those images are impossible to see for the most part.

    But I have seen this. It has happened to me when I create fields in one flex layout and then drag them to another.

    You should submit a support ticket here

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