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Multiple field groups on User edit?

  • Hi,
    Does ACF Pro support having multiple field groups on any entity?

    I already have one field group on Edit User pages, comprising 135 fields.
    I am trying to add another, separate field containing a Taxonomy.

    However, when I add it, it does not appear.
    Even when I change the order of the second box from 0 to 1, it does not appear.
    The same Taxonomy does get added to the original field group if I do it that way.
    But I wanted to break it up a bit.

    So does ACF support multiple field groups on Users or other pages?


  • I self-solved this.
    It was my mistake.
    I had chosen rules “If Post Type is User” (which doesn’t make sense to me) rather than the correct “If User Role is All”.

    Mark solved/delete if you like, admin.

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