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Multiple Authors Per Post & ACF

  • Hi,

    I am new to ACF so any insight from the community would be very much appreciated.

    As an overview, I have a CMS into which I parse editorial data. One field of which is the editorial author(s) which are initially returned as one text string, with the authors separated by a comma.

    Import table (1 record) –

    [Primary_Key:AA123] [G.Jones, P.Smith, A.Brown]

    These are then extracted via a calculation to form separate records in a database join table, each record featuring the corresponding editorial data primary key. In many instances there are more than one but no more than eight.

    Join Table (3 records)-

    [Primary_Key:AA123] [G.Jones]
    [Primary_Key:AA123] [P.Smith]
    [Primary_Key:AA123] [A.Brown]

    I want to separate these so that each can then become a dynamic link that drills down to a page which displays other editorial by the same author on my WordPress site.

    This is often a bulk upload process of more than 20 pieces of editorial at one time using the All Import plugin.

    My question is should I use the ACF Pro Repeating Field functionality for this or have I got the wrong end of the stick and something else would be better?

    Any insight gratefully received.

    Many thanks.


  • I would use a user field

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