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Multilingual site without translator plugins

  • Hi everyone,

    This isn’t a thread for an issue, problem or bug. Just looking for some advice.

    I’m in the process of building a site that is to be in both English and Norwegian. I’ll be create two text fields for every part of the site, where the site owners will enter both texts themselves, so a translation plugin won’t be required.

    Creating the two text fields is easy enough. And making UK/NO buttons up in a corner will also be easy enough.

    What I’m hoping is that someone can give some advice on how to, if the visitor clicks UK, that all the English texts get shown and the same if the visitor chooses NO, that all the Norwegian texts get shown.

    Just what are some ‘best practices’ for toggling between the two?

    Almost all of the guides/tutorials I’ve been looking at suggest having one text field and then using a translator plugin to translate to any and all other languages.

    Many thanks in advance for any guidance in this area.

  • Hi everyone,

    Sorry to bump this thread, but am revisiting this project after a 2 month hiatus and haven’t really found any answers in the meantime, so thought I’d ask again.

    Pretty much, each text on the site will have two fields (English/Norwegian). I’m just trying to figure out a way to switch between the two via a change in the URL. or

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

  • My first suggestion would be to not do this the way you are planning. I would use (and I have used) Multilingual Press It basically uses WP multisite, it does not translate content for you it just keeps track of the how content is related from one site to the other and shows a widget for selecting the language and it keeps track of all the little details.

    To do what you want to do using multiple fields would require using SESSION in PHP. Keeping track of what people have clicked and showing the correct content based on that. You might also want to consider automatically detecting the users language and showing the correct content.

  • Thanks John, I’ll give Multilingual Press a try and report back.

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