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Moving Google Map Marker without affecting address?

  • So I’m using the awesome google map field for the first time.

    I’ve noticed that once the address is entered, the marker location is a bit off, and not really where it should be exactly. I can move the marker to the correct location easily enough, but this also changes the street address as well, which doesn’t work for me.

    Basically I’m outputting the location’s address in text on the front end, as well as embedding the map, so the address can’t change. But I was wondering if there is anyway to move the marker without it updating the address? Otherwise I’ll either need to live with the marker being in the wrong place, or add an additional field on the backend to enter the address a second time and output that instead. Thoughts?

    (oh and strangely enough, if I go to and put the same exact address in, the marker appears in the right place. It just doesn’t with the field which is weird)

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