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migrating from text type to image type

  • Hello,

    having an issue, We recently changed a couple custom fields from using a text type to an image upload

    for all posts created before this time, the image url is stored in the db for the post, but when you actually go to edit the article, the images aren’t displayed

    is there a fix to do on the admin ui side for this?

    Or a plugin that would help in migrating all these fields?


  • An image field holds the attachment (post) id of an image, so this is why the images do not appear. ACF doesn’t know what to do with the text that it’s finding so it ignores it.

    You might be able to do something with this, but I’m not sure how. In your filter you’d need to take the url and somehow convert it to an image ID. You could try searching for something like: Get an attachment ID by URL in WordPress

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