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Migrate from Custom Field Suite

  • I’m trying to migrate some custom WYSIWYG fields from the Custom Field Suite plugin into ACF. I’ve generated some new WYSIWYG ACF fields with the same name as the CFS fields.

    All of information seems to appear in both CFS and ACF fields ok, but when I view the ACF content on the front of the site, the content is not rendered with any html, and the shortcodes don’t work.

    I’ve managed to get the shortcodes to work using
    echo do_shortcode($extra_product);
    …but the text content is just displaying as unstyled content (no html).

    If I open and resave any of the pages, then the problem is solved, but I really don’t want to go through hundreds of pages resaving them – does anyone know of a way to somehow refresh this field content, and resave multiple pages all in one go?

    Any ideas much appreciated.
    Many thanks

  • The reason is that there is no existing field key reference for the field in the database. When you save the post in the admin the field key reference is updated.

    The easiest solution for this is to use the field key to get the field value instead of the field name.


  • Thank you John Huebner – you’re a legend. Thank you so much. Works perfectly.
    Many thanks

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