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Memory Limit using ACF 5.05 and Gravity Forms

  • I used the latest ACF 5.05 and latest Gravity Forms 1.8.11 on my local test site with MAMP and everything worked fine. But moving to a staging server I get a Fatal Error: Out of Memory everywhere in the admin area of WordPress. I upped the PHP memory limit to 512MB with no change. Using the WP Memory Usage plugin, I’m only reporting about 24MB on my local test site and the two sites are identical. I only have 1 form in Gravity Forms and a few ACF groups. One includes a Flexible Content field with a Repeater nested in that, but even disabling this field I still get a memory error. Staging server is running PHP 5.2.11. Anyone else have issues with Gravity Forms?

  • Hi @arboralto

    If your local site is using such a small amount of memory, I can’t understand why your love version would fail at a whopping 512mb!

    Can you please contact your web host and ask them to review the error logs to find out what is causing the memory leak?

    It may be a simple server setting which needs to be modified.


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