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Maps is dont remember in Backend

  • Hello from Germany,

    I have install the advancedcustomfields in my wordpress and it is create. But I have two little problems and hope for help here.

    When i give a adress to the maps in the backend and save the page, the map is displayed correctly in the frontend. But when I go to the post in the backend and editing it, the map is empty. The contact field are filled in, but the map is empty. He does not remember the adress. What can I do, to remember the map in open second case?

    The second little problem: In first time I have stated, the custom fields are in the Pageeditor in the right bar. But with the map it is to small and I have edit it to the big middle bar under the editor. In all Users the fields is now in the middle, but when I logged in with my User, the fields are right. I have uninstalled the plugin an reinstall it. All I have do, the fields are right in my user and for the other user in the middle. If in the database a field in User meta for this? I dont want delete rows in my database that I dont understand it. 🙂

    Many thanks for your answers. I hope my english can be understand.

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