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Map Ninja Form 'File Upload' submission to 'File' field type

  • Hi, I am using Ninja Forms to allow users to submit files to a custom post type that uses Advanced Custom Fields. When the user submits the form from the front end of the website, it creates a draft post. When you click into the post that was created, I need to be able to see some kind of thumb or clickable object that will open the file that was submitted by the user.

    As it stands right now, I can map all of the text fields and inputs successfully and the files are being added to the Media Library, but they aren’t being pulled into the Post admin.

    Any ideas of how I can achieve this functionality? The way that a file would be uploaded through the Post admin and then display the file name w/ a link and the file size is what I want to have happen automatically when a file is submitted through Ninja Forms. Thank you!

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