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Malfunction with get_field()

  • Since a couple of hours, get_field() does not return any values anymore.

    First idea was, that the databse was broken, but phpmyadmin showed up with correct fields in the meta tables. If I change a value in a post on a ACF field, the result is also shown in pyhmyadmin view of the datebase.

    Anyway, in the template for the frontend, it does not show up anymore with a value. The return value is always empty.

    I use about 50 fields in a current project and they have all the same issue.

    I already tried removing all field definitiosn, remove the plugin, reinstall the plugin, reimport all fields, the result was zero. get_fields() still return nothing, just empty.

    Any idea, what could be the root cause of this? Any way to perform deeper diagnostics? Debugging?

    Any help and any ideas are appreciated!

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