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Lost, looking for a solution here…

  • Okay, so I’ve been tasked with making a website for a search dog organization. They have “search events” where they look for missing people, and they need to record data. I made a custom post type called searches, so they can be organized here.

    The problem I’m running into, is the attendees list. They need to record the attendees (wordpress users), the role they played in the search (can be multiple roles), and if that role is a “handler”, they need to be able to select the dogs (another custom post type) associated with the user (multiple dogs), and each dog could have multiple disciplines they performed at a search.

    I’m honestly not sure the best way to do this, I’m fairly new to ACF. I know it’s a complex problem but I’m really hoping for some help here.

    Hierarchy is User->Dog(s)->Discipline(s)

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