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Location Rules, menu item not showing menu item

  • Trying to add fields to a menu item but seems like its broken.

    When i select menu it shows a list of menus. When i select menu item it doesn’t show the menu items but shows the list of menus again.

    Would be good to get this fixed.

    Thanks, D.

  • hi @v3nt

    Check out the guide for adding fields to menu items

    That’s precisely how it’s supposed to behave.

    You choose which Menu/Location for the Menu Items that you want your ACF fields to be attached to.

    If you read this guide too, it should become clear.

  • Thanks Keith — i have read it several times but the menu items aren’t appearing in the ‘menu item’ menu. And if if i set a negative that should make it appear in all menu items it still doesn’t.

    Can you explain what this refers to?

    That’s precisely how it’s supposed to behave.

    Is the screenshot ‘correct’ ie menu items shouldn’t appear ? Or are you saying it should work?

  • Hello,

    I guess I am confused on what you are asking…

    With this feature (whether you are adding fields to Menus, or adding fields to Menu Items), you will only ever see Menus within Location Rules… not Menu Items.

    Adding fields to Menus, essentially lets you… create new Menu Items.
    Adding fields to Menu Items, essentially lets you… add extra bits to Menu Items.

    So… there is no bug here that I see. Your screenshot shows what should be shown.

    If you haven’t resolved this yet… please let me know your goal… and I will explain how to accomplish it 🙂

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  • afraid not. We had a rethink on the general approach.

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