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Location Rule Single Page Not Rendering

  • Hello ACF Forum,

    I use ACF v.5.6.5 on a site with 30000+ pages and encountered two problems:

    1. The pages to select for a “show group if Page equals….” – rule aren’t rendering anymore. This comes without any PHP error. Where the select pages field should be it is just blank.
    2. This happens especially on a field group attached to a single page. On the backend edit (wp-admin/post.php) of that page with that field group, the entries of the field group also didn’t appear anymore. The field group is a repeater field with three columns and there are currently about 80 rows. Again, this comes without any PHP error.

    I don’t know if the problems are somehow related or it’s just a memory issue. I raised the memory_limit and both pages worked again with a memory consumption of 384.000kb and 254.000kb respectively. I would care less about the first problem since I could just import a JSON for the field group, but the interface for editing the entries on that page in the second problem missing is rather inconvenient.

    Since I suppose that there are many pages more to come, I would appreciate some ideas that could solve the problem instead of just pushing the memory limit.

    Thanks in advance

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