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Local json, multiple afc group metabox, duplicate json file when updating.

  • Hi guys,

    I’m trying to learn ACF,
    even though i did buy ACF pro maybe a couple of months ago.
    I didn’t have much time to dig into it.

    ACF is awesome, great work eliot, thanks.. 🙂
    i really interested with the local json feature,
    also today that i see there is new new feature which is “block layout options” for fields. now we can have more control on the UI.
    which drag me to my localhost environment just to test it.

    so, what i did was…

    • i included acf within a theme (twentyfourteen).
    • set custom dir & path inside theme function.php.
    • and set the json “save and load” path to custom directory, which is called “acf_fields”.
    • creating an acf group with simple set of one text field.
    • set the location to the “page” post type. then i save it

    but then i found….

    i have 2 metaboxes on page’s add new page.
    there is only 1 json file inside my custom json directory.
    but it seems like it also calling the one which saved into DB (?)
    because when i remove/delete the field group on the admin i do have 1 metabox.
    the same way if i delete json file and keep the one on the admin.

    when i update the field group,
    let say i change the location from “page” to “post”,
    i still have that metabox on the “page”,
    and the new metabox on “post” appear.
    when i look into my custom json directory,
    i found that acf is not updating the field group (json file).
    it’s creating new json file (without deleting the old one).

    can anyone kindly explain to me about whats going on ?
    is it just me or does anyone else having this kind of issue ?
    or maybe it’s just how it work ?

    I really appreciate any help you can provide…

    Thank you 🙂

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