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Load Value from Post Terms – Not Working

  • @elliot I am facing the same issue with version 5.9.5 as described in this thread.

    I have created a field “property_city” related to my custom taxonomy “city”. I have checked the option of Save Terms and Load Terms.

    Save Terms works while Load Terms does not work.

    Details: Editing the taxonomy field saves the terms as custom taxonomy as well. However, taxonomy field does not load the terms already selected from custom taxonomy. Also, editing from custom taxonomy does not save the terms in neither taxonomy field nor custom taxonomy.

    So, essentially the ACF taxonomy field completely overrides the Taxonomy metabox as opposed to working together.

    I would like to be able to edit the city from both taxonomy metabox and the taxonomy field.

    I have been trying to dig into ACF code to identify the function where I could change get_fields to get_the_terms as suggested by you in the thread referenced above. However, I had no luck with that. I do not have programming knowledge, can only make tweaks when guided.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

  • You cannot have both an ACF taxonomy field that saves/loads value and the standard WP meta box for the taxonomy at the same time. Whichever one is processed last will override the one that is processed first. If you are going to have a taxonomy field to do this then you need to set the metabox callback for your custom taxonomy to false.

    Another thing that can cause this is having taxonomy fields is repeaters or flex fields. This will not work with save/load terms for the same reason you can’t have the taxonomy field and the standard WP metabox. Whichever one is process last will override whatever is in the ones that are processed first.

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