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Load Product ACF fields from another table.

  • For performance reasons, I need to populate a custom table with product data using custom code outside of WP/WooCommerce and then transfer much of that data into the woocommerce/wordpress system inside the WP/WC system on a daily basis. (With over 100k different products, the normal tools would take hours to days vs. seconds with load.)

    Is there sample code somewhere that will show me how to load new ACF data directly from a table that I added to the database? The table, we’ll call it mytable, is to be populated, the data processed, and then the table will be truncated after the data is moved to it’s final home.

    IE, this is an ETL process for performance reasons that will be run as a cron job periodically, and possibly frequently per day. Everything will run in the same db on the same server.


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