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Links Showing Incorrect Content in IE

  • Hey Guys,

    I have this really strange link issue going on with the one of my pages. The issue only occurs with IE 8, 10, 11 (maybe higher). I have a page containing a list of all our employees using ACF. The problem occurs when you click a person’s link on Industry Experts page. What is shown is content from Alan Akerman.

    Below highlight observations and what I’ve done to remedy the issue.

    • Alan Ackerman content is always what is show when the wrong info is shown
    • The issue seems to be intermittent, sometimes when you click the link it shows the correct info.
    • All site plugins have been updated
    • All core files are up to date

    The only plugins on the site are;

    • Advanced Custom Fields
    • Advanced Custom Fields: Gallery Field
    • Advanced Custom Fields: Options Page
    • Advanced Custom Fields: Repeater Field
    • Advanced Custom Fields: WP WYSIWYG
    • Duplicator

    I’ve thrown everything I know at the problem and I just can’t get a resolution. It’s been over six hours.

    Any idea why or how this is occurring?

    Thanks in advance for your logic / thoughts on a solution.

  • Hi @surge42

    I have just tested it using IE 10 and it’s working correctly. I clicked Rob Abraham and it redirects me to the right page. Maybe there’s a cache issue with your browser. Could you please clear the cache of your browser and see if it fixes the issue?


  • James,

    Thanks for the fast reply man. I’m hitting it with IE 11. If you take a look at the first row, click Apoorve Bhatnagar and or Kira Bryers. Tell me what you see. These two (there are several others) show the incorrect info when clicked.

    What do you see?

    I’ve completely dumped all data from IE. My cache is empty.

  • Hi @surge42

    I think there is something wrong with the bxslider you use and IE 11. The returned data looks OK (that’s why it looks great on other browsers), but it seems that IE can’t select the right slide when the slider is fully loaded.

    You can try to create a simpler slider and template with the same method to test it out.

    If the issue persists, the best places to ask are or

    I hope this makes sense 🙂

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