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Linking repeater with another post

  • Hi,

    i have a situation and i need way to solve it… please help…

    I created custom post for hotel… and there is repeater control contains textbox for room category…
    Example. Hotel Name, (Cat1, cat2, cat3) room categories in repeater

    Another custom post called Package
    I select Hotel from custom post hotel and it loads categories of selected hotel in reiterate with other few textboxes…

    im not able to load categories of selected hotel in repeater control
    please help me how to do this

  • Hi @tarun5585

    Can you please attach screenshots to demonstrate what you are trying to do and where?


  • Thank you for the reply, please find the attached images…
    please help me in this problem

  • Sorry the add package image seems corrupted… sending again please check

  • Hi @tarun5585

    Thanks for the info.
    The above is quite complicated and you will have to code this by hand.

    It is possible to hook in and modify a select field’s choices. This means you CAN modify the ‘cat’ sub field to reflect all the categories added on the chosen hotel.

    Please look into the acf/load_field filter (see docs) to learn how this is possible. There is also a tutorial (on the docs) that explains how to modify a select field’s choices.

    If you want, you can take it a step further and write some jQuery that listens to a change on the hotel select, and then updates the sub fields via AJAX.

    I won’t be able to provide any code / help with the above as it is far to custom for this free support forum.

    Good luck with the docs,


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