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LARP Characters assigned to Players

  • Hello ACF folks,

    I’ve been using ACF for a while now for little things here and there, but I’ve recently undertaken a project which is a little out of my depths. So a buddy of mine is starting a new LARP system (live action role play – for those of you with lives) and has asked me to assist him in creating a website. I’ve begun some work on it, but have hit a we roadblocks that I’m hoping a more experienced user could assist me with.

    Here is some of the application logic that needs to be in place.

    Two types of Custom Post Types
    – Real Player Information
    – Characters

    There can be multiple characters assigned to one Real World Player.

    Users can only view their own characters, but not other users. Also can print out their own character information (preferably to a PDF, but that is a reach goal right now)

    Moderators are the only people who can modify a character’s attributes.


    One issue I keep running into is setting up the character view page. Ideally it should check if the currently signed in user is a moderate or has characters assigned to them and then present all of the character names in a drop down. Then whichever character is selected gets displayed.

    It seems simple enough, but I’m having an issue with it grabbing data from one custom post type to another.

    Is there any direction someone can give me? I know it is asking a lot, but we will gladly give you programing credits in the official player’s guide.

    Thanks in advanced!

  • Hi @mrgibons

    You can add a user field type in your Characters CPT and set it automatically when a character is created. To do it, you can use acf/save_post hook.

    To list the character of a current user, you can query it based on the user field type. This page should give you more idea about it:

    I hope this helps.

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