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Keyboard Shortcuts

  • It would be truly awesome if the admin could have keyboard shortcuts when adding fields. I find myself having to click way too much!

  • Hi @andrewmartin

    Thanks for the suggestion. Would you mind coming up with some example keys and their actions?


  • + 1 for this.

    Especially for repeater rows. When clients are entering lots of rows into a repeater they’ve asked for a keyboard shortcut… naturally “Tab” or “Enter” would make sense to create a new line / row… can you hijack either of these keys if the cursor is inside a repeater field?

  • This feature would be awesome for repeaters. Specially on migrating lists from content to repeater and we have to do it line by line. Instead of clicking Add Row, it would be great if Tab key if pressed would create new row fields.

  • Hi I would like to see cmd + z (for go back) and cmd + shift + z to go forward in the backend ACF fields. Currently it doesn’t enable this feature like the Appearance > Editor area does. Is there an update on this please?

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