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Issue with Yoast "Set Primary Category"

  • Hia 🙂

    I disabled nearly all plugins besides Woocommerce, Yoast, Yoastwoo, ACF..

    Then i Deactivate and Re-activate ACF multiple times to test.

    When its activated, woo-commerce product categories (on product edit page) no longer show the “Make Primary” links which sets the category as Primary, which is a function of Yoasts plugin..

    I don’t know if its their issue, acf issue, my issue? But I could use some help 😀

    I’m unable to provide access to the site, which sucks but im hoping someone is able to replicate?

  • And if i click “Add Product Gallery Images” all that happens is the page quickly scrolls to the top, and nothing pops up so i can select images.

    This also does work once i disable acf while nearly all other plugins are disabled

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