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Issue with updating repeater sub-field (image field)

  • Hi gues!

    I need some help with updating repeater field (actually image sub-field) from front-end.

    Use ACF v. 5.9.2.

    My code

    $user_id = get_current_user_id();
    $orders = get_field('order_and_screenshot', 'user_' . $user_id);
    foreach ($orders as $order) {
        $order_screenshot = $order['order_screenshot'];
        if (  !$order_screenshot ) {
                'post_id' => 'user_' . $user_id,
                'fields' => array(
                    'order_screenshot' //sub-field name

    I select an image and submit the form. After submitting the post image is not updated on the back-end (user page). But I see this image on the front-end.
    Checking the database. And find these fields in wp_usermeta:

    order_screenshot //I can’t understand why. The value of this field contains the correct image id, which is what I need. But I don’t created it (in repeater field only, not separate).

    How can I properly update this image field in a loop?

    I would appreciate your help! Thanks you!

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